Portia de inspiratie: pereti-accent in culori inchise / Inspiration dose: dark accent walls

perete gri colt living

O solutie pentru a scoate din monotonie designul unei camere – dormitor, camera de zi, open plan living room este sa vopsim peretele central intr-o culoare contrastanta, inchisa. Caracteristice stilului scandinav contemporan sunt tonurile inchise de gri sau negru, care contrasteaza foarte bine cu obiecte decorative in culori tari (rosu, galben, roz, oranj, verde, albastru). De regula, peretele-accent este cel pe care se construieste biblioteca (rafturile cu carti) si zona multimedia (televizorul). Dar se poate vopsi inchis si un perete secundar, cel alaturat canapelei, de exemplu, sau un perete pe care urmeaza sa punem un corp de mobilier (biblioteca) fara “spate”. Inca o idee; griul inchis si negrul contrasteaza foarte frumos cu lemnul lacuit in culori deschise, naturale (esente de brad, mesteacan).


A solution for taking the design of a room (bedroom, living room, open space) out of boredom is to paint the central wall in a dark and contrasting color. Dark grey or black tones are specific to modern Scandinavian style, which match perfectly with decorative objects in strong colors (red, yellow, pink, orange, green, blue). Usually, the accent wall is the one onto which we build shelves for the library or the multimedia center (TV stand). We can paint dark a secondary wall, just as well. For instance, a wall near the couch, or a wall destined to hold a bookcase without “back”. Another hint: dark grey and black go very well with natural looking wood (birch, pine).

Perete gri living biblioteca

perete negru camera zi

perete gri petrol dormitor

perete negru dormitor



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