Apartament suedez de 26 mp / Great living in tiny 26 sqm Swedish apartment

living room1

Acest apartament suedez de 26 de metri patrati este amenajat intr-un spirit tanar si modern. Patul suprainaltat elibereaza spatiu pentru un colt de depozitare si mini dressing, dar si pentru bicicleta. Ingenios si vesel, acest apartament-garsoniera este dovada faptului ca se poate trai bine si in spatii mici, cu putina imaginatie si planificare. Ne place tare de cuierul colorat din hol (piesa iconica Eames), de suportul de reviste si de raftul cu verdeata din bucatarie.


This tiny Swedish apartment of only 26 sqm is decorated in a youthful and modern spirit. The high-rise bed offers extra space for storage, clothing rack and bicycle. Clever and optimistic, this very small apartment is the proof that good living is possible in tiny spaces with a bit of imagination and planning. I really like some small details, like the iconic Eames hanger from the hallway, the magazine wired stand and the kitchen shelf with plants.

zona dormit

balcon apartament

dressing si depozitare

hol intrare

living room2

mini baie

mini bucatarie



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